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How to break down your goals into monthly/weekly/daily tasks

Whenever the new year rolls around, it's time for us to start dreaming big. With a new year comes a fresh start, and an endless amount of possibilities to achieve. But for a lot of us, those dreams and goals can become overwhelming (or forgotten about). As we settle into January and the summer starts coming to an end, our lives resume their busy, hectic nature. We don't know where to start, or how to break down our goals into manageable tasks, so our goals or New Year's resolutions are left in

Is Op Shopping Just Another Trend?

Writing by Alyssa Forato // photograph by Laura May Grogan The number of sustainable fashion girlies, gays and theys (and we’ll give some credit to the guys too, I guess) is on the rise. People are flocking to op shops to get unique garments and achieve high-fashion looks while practising ethical fashion and sticking to a budget. In fact, people who rank higher on a style consciousness scale are more likely to shop sustainably. The resurgence of y2k, along with Melbourne’s distinctive, editori

TikTok Made Me Do It

TikTok has become massively popular over the past few years, especially thanks to the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns. With this rocket-speed ascension into the mainstream social media space, came an unpredicted power and influence over cultural trends. Videos that go viral on TikTok heavily influence what’s hot and what’s not. Growing trends that circulate on the app affect the music industry, fashion trends, what food people are eating and what entertainment they’re consuming. But why

Gen Z's Fragmented Socialising

It’s a Saturday night and Chapel Street is buzzing with energy. The atmosphere is filled with noisy conversation and muffled dance music, creeping its way out of nightclubs to the streets, enticing eager dancers to have a boogie inside. Since experiencing more Covid lockdowns and isolation policies than any other city in the world, it seems a bit strange that Naarm has returned to normal. Life is busy again. Social activities are being planned, and invites are filling our Facebook notification

The Pill: My Journey On and Off

The world has been created for cis men and trying to fit around that mould can feel like a burden, especially when it comes to working with our cycle. Women and non-binary people who are sexually active, struggle with acne or have hormonal issues are often given the ‘solution’ of contraception, which commonly takes the shape of a little, round pill known as ‘birth control’. 81% of Australian women aged between 18-49 use contraception for varying reasons. It’s seen as a simple answer to so many

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Review – Is Marvel in its Flop Era?

WARNING: this article contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder On Friday, I made the questionable decision to sit through Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) and be madly disappointed by what was unfurling in front of my eyes. Before you yell at me or rage-click away from this article, I’m a Marvel fan, and Thor’s series of films are amongst my favourites. No, it’s not just because of Chris Hemsworth’s godly body (although who could blame me). Taika Waititi is my favourite director, and I hold T

10 Best Jobs For Introverts: Rewarding Careers That Thrive On Independence

The job market is already confusing to navigate, and finding a job that aligns with both your interests and personality can be tedious. When you’re working in a full-time job that’s not the right fit, it can potentially be draining. There are certain careers that are better-suited to broad personality types: extroverts and introverts. While extroverts are energised in large groups and communicative settings, introverted personality types generally prefer more remote jobs or independent work wit
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